Modeling Agency Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, United Arab Emirates FASHION BLOCK we know how to work with people.

We are a modeling agency in the city of Sochi, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We implement model and advertising projects. We select personnel for events, we have 350 people in our database: models, photo models, hostesses, stand assistants, promotional staff, Grid Girls, translators .

We do not waste time, we immediately get involved in tasks, pay attention to details. We ask a lot of questions to solve the client's problems at once. We can calculate the project according to the budget, we are adequate.

  • We keep the client's strength, we conduct the whole project:
  • we select personnel for the event
  • we conduct castings
  • we create an image of the model, we sew a promo form
  • we work with documents
  • we are implementing large projects, but we will boldly undertake a project for 2-5 people
  • we help the client to plan the budget correctly and not overpay to intermediaries

People come to us

The modeling agency FASHION BLOCK is approached when you need to quickly find models, hostesses to welcome guests, promotional staff for brand activities, Grid Girls and models for exhibitions.

For example: The client wrote that the day after tomorrow 4 hostesses are needed to meet the guests. We ask him questions and send a questionnaire. The client fills out the questionnaire, on its basis we make a technical task, agree on the cost, work

We are often contacted with a ready-made technical assignment. We discuss the project, approve the price, and work.

We know how to do

Photo sessions and video filming for brands of clothing, watches, footwear. We worked with the Ascania brand, shot a video. Filmed in the art - beauty project of the photographer Sergei Sarkisov.

Exhibitions and model shows. We worked at Sochi Yacht Show, FINOPOLIS, at the Labor Safety Week exhibition. Our hostesses met guests at the Russian Investment Forum. Our models walked the catwalk at the fashion show of young designers and participated in the euphoria brand show.

They are inspired by large festivals, auto festivals and sporting events, they are cool customers, it is a pleasure to work with them. We worked with F1, FIFA 2018, Rds Gp, Groundet, Alfa Future People, IRONSTAR, RSKG, with the Ignition auto festival

We like to organize:

  • model show, exhibition or presentation - we have models
  • promo action - there is promo staff
  • a corporate event with a meeting of guests - we will select a hostess
  • races and festivals - we organize the work of promo and Grid Girls

Everyone is in the field, no one is late, a supervisor is assigned to everyone, everyone knows their tasks. Everyone understands: what are we doing? For whom we are doing? How are we doing?

An example not from our experience:

Exhibition of simulators in Russia, 4 models are working at the stand.

Imagine the situation: two models have brown stockings, one without tights, the fourth is in white, everyone has different hairstyles and dresses. How do you? Daytime makeup for one, the other smokey, the third bright red lips. Two girls in sneakers, two on heels, height difference - 15 cm.

Watchable - no.

Wouldn't you like this?

We don't want to either, so we draw up the technical specification and take into account:

  1. Model's appearance. For example: a blue dress, black shoes with 10cm heels, loose, straight hair. Makeup - daytime, manicure - colorless. Tights - corporal, 20 den.
  2. The main mechanics of work are the specific actions of the staff. For example: Girls smile and greet visitors to the exhibition: Welcome to the stand. Company N has released new cardiovascular equipment on which you can train at home, are you interested? introduces Alexey. Alexey knows everything about these simulators and will help to buy.
  3. The subtleties of interaction with your brand. Girls do not have the right to turn their backs on the visitors of the exhibition. You need to smile and be friendly. Girls cannot be at the competitor's stand. This is a small part, to work out all the subtleties, we are preparing a briefing for the staff.

Since the beginning of the work of the modeling agency, FASHION BLOCK, we give the customer what he needs.

We have

  • base 350 people
  • casting room
  • reliable contractors and partners
  • light, sound, equipment
  • transfer
  • stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists
  • photographers, videographers
  • support of events in social networks
  • attention to detail and experience

Our projects

  • We had a team building for 500 people.
  • A carnival was held by a team of 80 people.
  • We did the contest bikini queen of Russia.
  • Our models were filmed for Matsesta, S - drive, Vysota.
  • Our hostesses worked at the VTB Forum and at the award ceremony of the Valdai International Discussion Club.
  • Worked for GASTREET SHOW.
  • Photosets for Koncentrat Space and World Hermes House stores.
  • Our Grid Girs and promo staff have worked for RSKG, Motorshow, RDS Gp and DBS.

There will be enough clients to create a separate page.

To work with our modeling agency, write or call.

You are curious - we are pleased.